Rely launches Cut it Out! Program to help employers combat sexual harassment


Australia’s new Respect@Work laws mean that employers now have a positive duty to proactively prevent and eliminate hostile work environments and sexual and sex-based harassment at work.  The onus is on employers to ensure that they eliminate unlawful sex discrimination, including sexual harassment in the workplace, as far as possible. 

Sexual harassment at work – it’s time to cut it out!

Rely and Your Call are proud to launch Cut it Out! – a program to help leaders combat sexual harassment.

Bringing together policy, process, culture and technology, Cut It Out! helps you comply with the Respect@Work laws and build safer, more respectful and inclusive workplaces. 

Beyond a program, #Cut It Out! is a chorus of voices who stand united to end sexual harassment in the workplace.

Led by trusted experts

Cut It Out! is led by Rely and Your Call’s General Counsel and Senior Advisor, Kirsty Harvison, and supported by Rely’s Co=Founder & CEO, Nathan Luker and Your Call CEO, Lauren Witherdin.

Research shows that nearly 9/10 women have experienced sexual harassment yet fewer than 2/10 report it. On International Women’s Day, we’re incredibly proud to launch the Cut it Out! program to help all workers, especially women, feel safe to speak up about sexual harassment and for employers to have the tools they need to not only comply with the Respect@Work laws but most importantly, to create safe, inclusive and respectful workplaces,” said Ms Harvison.

A practical solution

Managing Principal at HMB Employment Lawyers, Louise Houlihan, says it’s helpful for employers to have a practical solution.

I think it’s helpful for employers to have a comprehensive program that goes beyond just policy and training,” said Ms Houlihan.

One employee, who experienced a sexual harassment incident in 2021 and agreed to be interviewed (anonymously), says she’s glad more is being done to protect employees.

I wish there had been more support for me and that I had greater say in how the issue was managed. My employer knew it was happening, not just to me, but to other women in the workplace. They should have acted sooner. I hope the Cut it Out! program sends a clear message that sexual harassment won’t be tolerated.”

Let’s work together to cut out sexual harassment 

Sexual harassment at work is everyone’s problem – let’s cut it out!

See how the Cut It Out! program will help you comply with the Respect@Work laws and build a safe, respectful and inclusive workplace.

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See how Rely can help you prevent, detect and respond to sexual harassment and meet your positive duty obligations under the Respect@Work laws.

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