Rely Platform

Security, Data & Trust

Be assured the security, reliability, privacy, and compliance requirements for your data is the highest priority for Rely. You own your data and we will never sell it to third parties or look at it unless you give us permission for a support case.

Being ISO 27001 certified is one way we demonstrate how seriously we take security, data and trust. It means your sensitive data is protected and your reputation is safe.

Your privacy is protected

Rely complies with the Australian Privacy Act and other important data protection laws.

Strong partner & security program

Rely collaborates with world-class third-party vendors to ensure your data is safe, like Amazon Web Services. Rely’s information security program is best-practice and includes board advisors, cybersecurity experts, internal/external audits and a comprehensive Information Security Management System. 

Protection extends to our people

The remarkable people who power Rely adhere to our strict security philosophy. We conduct rigorous employment background checks, have strict policies and conduct regular training to ensure our team maintain their laser-sharp focus on security.