Rely for Executives & Boards

Better culture, reputation & results

Boards and senior executives understand that culture and conduct issues such as abuse, bullying and harassment lead to stress and other mental health conditions. Therefore, the economic case for building a listen up, speak up culture is clear. But what’s equally important are the social and moral imperatives.

Boards and leaders need people to voice their concerns so they know what’s going on. Rely helps boards and executives listen to stakeholders, identify the root cause of conduct and culture issues and proactively manage the risk.

Psychologically safe workplaces pay dividends

Research by the Productivity Commission found poor Mental Health Inquiry of 2020 mental health in Australian workplaces costs up to $39 billion in lost participation and productivity. And a recent report by KPMG found a return on investment of $4.70 MG for every $1 invested in improving psychological safety in the workplace.

Why boards and executives use Rely

Seek the truth

Protect people from harm

Build a better culture

A better reputation

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