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From pre-school to university, most students are educated in safe, happy and healthy environments. But unfortunately, some experience bullying, harassment and even abuse.

Rely helps higher education providers manage a broad range of issues, from student safety through to academic misconduct.

20% of uni students experience sexual assault but few report

The 2021 National Student Safety Report revealed nearly 20% have experienced sexual harassment since starting university. Issues are chronically under-reported with only 1/30 harassed and 1/20 assaulted making a formal complaint. The same study showed 1 in 2 know nothing or very little about the formal reporting process for harassment or assault.

Why universities use Rely

Mandatory reporting

Protect people from harm

Good governance

Manage Risk & Reputation

Rely is a proud partner of the Alannah & Madeline Foundation through our sister company, Your Call.

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Mental health conditions account for an increasing proportion of serious workers compensation claims and has significantly increased over the past 5 years.
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Host, Nathan Luker, talks to child safety expert and lawyer, Skye Rose, about how leaders can prevent, detect and respond to child safety issues and how kids are leading the way in speaking up about safety concerns.
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Host, Nathan Luker, is joined by human rights lawyer, writer and whistleblowing expert, Kieran Pender, to discuss the role of whistleblowing programs in building a better, integrity-led workplace culture
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This article (4:30 read time) provides the key takeaways and a video recording of Your Call's webinar (30 mins) on Psychological Safety at Work
Sexual harassment at work is about power, imbalance and abuse, and it must stop.
Download our Better Workplace Investigations Guide and learn how to conduct best practice investigations through a framework of policies and more.
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