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Frontline workers deserve better

As first responders, emergency services workers put themselves in harm’s way to care for the community. Yet when it comes to their own well-being, numerous independent investigations reveal that frontline workers confront violence, bullying, harassment and unethical conduct, both from the public and from within their own ranks.

Harassment common across Emergency Services Sector

Investigations by Victoria’s Human Rights Commission reveal culture and conduct issues such as bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination are common across the state’s ambulance, police and fire services. 158 interviews across the fire services revealed serious under-reporting of bullying and harassment.

Why Emergency Services organisations use Rely

Good governance

Listen Up, Speak Up

Proactively manage risk

A better reputation

The dedication to treat patients with dignity and respect must be matched with the everyday experiences of all employees and first responders... Their [workers] experiences… have been marred by unlawful or harmful workplace conduct – discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying, victimisation and everyday incivility or disrespect.

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