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Rely now supports better communication by translating issue reports and confidential conversations via the message board into 75 different languages. What this means for organisations is an employee or stakeholder can make a report in their native language and Rely will automatically translate it into English. Likewise, the case manager can reply in English, and it will be translated by Rely into the preferred language of the person making the report.

Help diverse voices to speak up

A core purpose of Rely is to help leaders listen to diverse employee voices. This can only be achieved if leaders and employees can speak their own language, confident their words will be understood as they intended. Native language is especially important if an employee is feeling traumatised by their experience, as it can be difficult to speak up, let alone doing it in a different language.

Collaborate and keep confidential

Reporting an incident is just the beginning of an important and ongoing conversation. Rely’s message board is a powerful tool to facilitate high priority conversations. This means investigating managers can speak with employees confidentially to get the information they need to complete the investigation promptly, and only those who need to know are kept in the loop.

Monitor to see if minorities are targeted

The new feature also helps People and Culture monitor diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Language selection is a valuable data point which can help to indicate if a specific demographic in your workforce is encountering a disproportionately negative experience. As a result, these insights can help to inform your DEI strategies to ensure no employee or stakeholder is disadvantaged. 

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