Rely’s new automations help you save time, reduce risk and deliver a fair & consistent process


Rely is delighted to deliver its latest feature, automations, to save you time, ensure procedural consistency and take the guesswork out of investigating workplace issues. 

Powerful & flexible

Rely allows you to build powerful yet flexible automations using triggers, actions, and rules— all in one place.

Get one step ahead using Rely’s quick-start library of workflows for regular tasks, such as:

  • Automatically send a confirmation message to the person who has reported an issue.
  • Assign a team or specific person to investigate an issue.Flag certain conduct types for mandatory reporting and automatically trigger a checklist of tasks to be completed so you comply with regulations.

Or design your own automations from scratch in compliance with your workplace policies and procedures.


Set the standard

Automations help you deliver a fair and consistent process for every issue, every employee and every investigation.

  • Create workflows for different types of issues. For example, you can create a workflow on how you would like users to investigate a fraud matter versus a workplace bullying incident.
  • Use workflows to ensure the right message is delivered to the right person, at the right time and in the right way, rather than leaving it up to users to decide how best to communicate with employees.
  • Automatically notify senior leaders about high-risk issues.

Share knowledge & boost confidence

Most managers don’t investigate workplace issues often, so they’re not confident about the process. Use automations to guide managers on the process you want them to follow using consolidated knowledge from prior reports to help them feel confident they’re doing a good job.

Reduce admin burden

Rely helps you automate routine tasks, which means you can better use your time and expertise to do impactful work.

See how Rely works

Book a demo today and see why Rely is the smart, secure and simple way to manage workplace issues.

Book a demo

Book a demo today and see why Rely is the smart, secure and simple way to manage workplace issues.

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