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Boards, Conduct & Culture

In this video (33 mins), Rely’s, Professor Jane Burns, talks to a panel of senior executives and board members about the role of boards and executives in creating psychologically safe workplace cultures including:

  • Why truth-telling, authenticity, vulnerability, empathy and being brave are vital ingredients for a psychologically safe workplace culture.
  • Why issues of misconduct such as bullying, harassment and sexual harassment impact just about every sector in Australia
  • What is the board and executive team’s role in establishing culture and conduct?
  • Why is it difficult for employees to speak up and do factors such as gender and diversity impact an employee’s willingness to speak up?

Thank you very much to our special guest panel:

  • Martyn Campbell, Executive Director, SafeWork SA
  • Mary Delahunty, Founder & Managing Director, Seven Advisory
  • Natalie O’Brien AM, CEO, Wine Victoria
  • Terry Paule, co-Founder & Chairman, Findex

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