Dom Hede

Engineering Manager

Learn why Engineering Manager, Dom Hede, has chosen Rely to build his career in technology.

The biggest thing is dedication to the values and the drive to always do our best. I really appreciate that. 

Tell us about yourself, Dom

I have worked in the tech sector for the past 10 years as a software engineer. 

I did a Masters of IT at Swinburne University, then worked for digital agencies while I developed my skills in React and Typescript.  I started specialising in Typescript and React around six years ago I’ve worked in the SaaS and product space since then.

Prior to working in IT, I did a Bachelor of Music and was a professional musician for over 10 years. I still play in a Melbourne band called JAZZPARTY and I’ve played drums since I was a teenager.  

I live in rural Victoria and appreciate being able to work remotely (most of the time). Outside of work, I enjoy mountain biking, cooking and spending time with my kids. 

What’s your role?

As an Engineering Manager, I spend most of my time coding and developing features on the Rely app.  A good portion of my time is also dedicated to collaborating with the team helping them to develop the product features from concept through to design, planning and developing technical specifications.  I have also been pursuing leadership opportunities and learning about Engineering Management.

Why did you choose to be a software engineer?

I like building things so programming interests me – I like that it combines logic and creativity. I enjoy collaborating with my team and I’m interested in processes and ways to work with others.

I also love the constant growth in this profession – building my technical skills, helping the team to work better together and developing the product.

Why Rely?

I liked the idea that I’m making a product that will help organisations to build better workplace cultures.

Continuous improvement is a core value in the product development team and I connected with their mission and how they live out their values in their day-to-day interactions. 

I was also excited about building a SaaS platform from scratch, which I hadn’t done as an engineer.

What makes Rely different?

The biggest thing is dedication to the values and the drive to always do our best. I really appreciate that. 

I also appreciate the open and honest communication – our value of think straight, talk straight – I’m starting to appreciate that more and more. It encompasses a lot – it helps the team to reflect, learn and do better work. It’s common in agile teams but Rely does it more authentically, it’s less superficial, more meaningful and we dive deeper into issues.

What would say to someone considering a job at Rely?

There’s a genuine interest in career growth and goals at Rely so expect your job to be challenging. You can take ownership, express your interest and show passion for your work. I’ve noticed this with newer members of the team – they’re taking ownership, upskilling and driving their careers forward in areas they’re interested in. Hard work is acknowledged and appreciated. It’s a place where we hold each other accountable. With continuous improvement comes the opportunity to learn and grow.

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