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Lead Engineer

We’re seeking a Lead Engineer who possesses deep experience with AWS, full stack Node and Typescript engineering. This role is suited for a team player who is ready to help wherever a need presents.

How we hire

Our people mean the world to us. We mean it. It starts with how we hire:

In addition to ensuring you align with our purpose and values, and we are a personal mission for you, we hire for: 

Our values

We are values driven in everything we do. Our values represent our team, our bold business ambitions and help us deliver a great experience to our people and customers.

Think Straight, Talk Straight™

Thoughtful, direct and honest communication is at the core of everything we do. We practice empathetic listening before we speak, value informed opinions and encourage purposeful debate. When the decision is made, we collectively commit to it.

Lead with heart and balance

You don’t need a title or permission to be a leader. Integrity, compassion and courage are the drivers fuelling our ambitious goals. We work as a team to leverage diverse perspectives, consider the options and take intentional action. We lead by example and ensure the loudest voices aren’t the only ones heard.

See the Whole Person

Positive impact is central to our mission. We care and support each other to reach our individual and collective goals. We respect individual differences and embrace diversity of thought and experience; but don’t tolerate dogmatic or self-serving behaviours.

Seek higher standards

We are devoted to achieving ethical, sustainable and rapid growth. The lens we look through, in everything we do, is long term. This means hard work, setting lofty goals with an end in mind, learning from failure and always seeking to do better.

Don’t pass the buck

We are accountable and thrive in challenging environments. We think laterally and unreservedly own the outcomes. What we do, or fail to do, impacts those around us. Our teammate’s success is our success.

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