The smart, secure & simple way to manage workplace issues

Rely helps you easily capture, manage and report on workplace issues, guiding your team through a fair and compliant process, eliminating the guesswork and saving time. Say goodbye to the mess of spreadsheets and hello to efficiency.

Listening is good for business

Listening to your employees, customers and other stakeholders gives you a clearer perspective on your organisation. Rely helps your people speak up in a way they feel safe. This helps you stay informed and act on their concerns. Research shows that only one in three employees feel their opinion counts at work but if that was raised to two in three, the upside for organisations is significant.

Research by Gallup, discussed by Megan Reitz and John Higgins in their book “Speak Up: Say What Needs to be Said, Hear What Needs to be Heard”.

See what’s really going on

Poor conduct is like pollution -you can’t always see it, but you know it’s there – harming people and the environment they work, study and live in. Rely enables leaders to bring issues to the surface and see what’s going on enterprise wide.

Seek the truth, lose the mess

To make informed decisions, you need reliable information. Records saved in drives, mailboxes and spreadsheets are messy and block collaboration, investigation and defence. Rely brings people, process, policy and purpose together in one secure, collaborative and intuitive platform.

Build trust

When leaders listen and take action to ensure issues are managed in a fair, consistent and confidential way, people trust the process and are more willing to speak up. Rely helps you capture any type of issues, label their severity and guide users to act according to your organisation’s policies and procedures.

Get it right

There is a lot riding on investigations, so it’s important to follow a well-designed, fair and consistent process every time. Rely’s in-depth investigation tools, integrations and automations guide your people through investigations with insight and compassion.

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Build your knowledge

Explore our library of resources and learn how to build a better culture.

We are proud to share an insightful article co-authored by Nathan Luker and the team at Culture Amp, originally published on their website. This piece delves into the creation of a supportive "speak up" culture within organisations, highlighting the significance of encouraging employees to voice concerns about sexual harassment without fear of backlash. It offers practical advice for leaders on fostering psychological safety and outlines steps to empower individuals to report misconduct. A must-read for any organisation committed to a respectful and open workplace culture.
5 minute read
Effective from 12 December 2023, the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) will have the power to investigate whether employers are meeting their new positive duty obligations and to enforce compliance.
3 minute read
When employees don’t trust the organisation’s reporting system, or fear that reporting will make the issue worse, this leads to low levels of reporting, preventing leaders from truly understanding what is happening.
3 minute read

Security, Data & Trust

Rely manages some of the most critical and sensitive information for global organisations. The security of your data, best-practice security and compliance with regulations is fundamental to our mission.

ISO 27001 certified

Rely’s ISO 27001 certification means your sensitive data is protected against hackers and your reputation is safe.

Strong security program

Our security program includes external advisors, cybersecurity experts, internal/external audits and a risk management program.

Protection from people-risk

Your data is protected from people-related risks via our rigorous employment background checks, policies and employee training.

Privacy is protected

Rely complies with the Australian Privacy Act and other important data protection laws.

One service to manage issues, whistleblowing and mandatory reporting

Rely works seamlessly with Your Call, Australia’s largest independent whistleblowing and complaints service, and other whistleblowing services. This means all your issues, whistleblowing and mandatory reporting requirements are managed through one provider, one platform and one whistleblowing hotline.